Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse (Gray Blue Box)

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-Curve to Turn On
-Flatten to Turn Off
-Touch Scroll
-BlueTrack Optical Sensor
-Works with Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled Device
-2.4 GHz Wireless Frequency
-Uses 2 x AAA Batteries Included
-Up to 6 Months Battery Life
-Windows 8.1 8 and RT Compatible

The gray Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse from Microsoft is a unique mouse that features a flexible design. Rather than a button to turn it on and off you simply curve to turn it on and flatten to turn it off. This design allows you to pack the mouse while traveling and provides a comfortable curve that fits in your hand while working. Besides the built-in left and right mouse buttons this mouse features a touch scroll that provides fast and precise vertical scrolling with a tap and flick from your finger. You can also click using the touch scroll. Furthermore this mouse is equipped with BlueTrack technology that provides accuracy for controlling the mouse cursor. This technology also allows the mouse to be used on most surfaces.

The Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse wirelessly connects to a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled computer. Since this mouse does not provide a receiver your computer needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 built-in or an optional Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. In addition this mouse works on computers running Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows RT 8.1 or Windows RT. Once connected this mouse works up to 30 feet away from your computer using reliable 2.4 GHz frequencies. It also features a six-month battery life with the two included AAA batteries.

Flexible Design
The mouse is curved for comfort to fit in your hand and flattens to pack for your mobile lifestyle.
Power On and Off
Curve the mouse to turn on and flatten to turn it off with no button to switch. A green light flashes to show the battery is working and then turns off to save battery life.
Bluetooth Smart
Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 technology this mouse connects wirelessly to your computer using reliable 2.4 GHz frequencies while consuming less power without the need for a cable.
Touch to Scroll
Quickly brush up or down with your finger to flick into hyperfast vertical scrolling for smooth intuitive navigation. Scroll slowly with a gentle swipe or quickly with a flick of the finger then tap to stop.
BlueTrack Technology
This optical sensor provides precision and allows you to work on virtually any surface.
Designed for Comfort
This mouse can be used in your right or left hand.
Up to 6-Month Battery Life
The battery can last up to 6 months and there is an indicator that tells you how much power is left.
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